I finally found my life mission. Reporting shitcoin influencers on Twitter and their fake ass rewards.


Enough is enough. I am sick of seeing people getting their hopes up, following their idols or whatever on Twitter and listen to them religiously while they are shilling the living shit out of the shitcoin which they are getting paid for.

These influencers are putting the whole cryptoverse into shame with their shameless actions. Their rewards are so fake that it’s ridiculous. No-one will send you 1 eth if you send them your wallet, like and sub and screenshot. Don’t fall for it.

Are the followers fools? From my point of view, yes no doubt but I’ve been in the crypto for a long time and they likely just heard their hero on the internet talking about a big opportunity to get rich. And many of them are just kids.

Are you missing a good deed this year? Go and report these assholes on Twitter, IG whatever.

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