I feel like this is an unpopular opinion, we are not in a bull run anymore. Not for now at least.


The definition of a bull run is a period of time in which asset prices are rising. Bear run is when assets are declining in value.

We have crashed 50%. Bitcoins been in the 30k range since May. 2 months at down 50% is the opposite of a bull run. I see so many posts saying “at the end of this bull run” and hear tons of youtubers saying it too. We aren’t in a bull run, this is bear territory. When we start seeing serious increases we can say we are on a bull run.

There’s nothing wrong with going bull to bear and back to bull. It’s just the way it goes. A 2 month lull that’s down 50% is called a bear run, not just another part of a bull run. Can’t call everything a bull run lol.

I feel like this is an unpopular opinion cause I see so many people saying we are still in a bull run and it’s going to last til next year or whatever. February to May was the bull run. May to current is a bear run. More bull runs on the way. But this is not it.

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