I experienced my first rug pull today, please be careful. Invest wisely


Last night I heard about a launch on a new coin, “crypto hippies”. A lot of tiktokers were promoting it, it had a really well made website, all social media platform, telegram etc.. so it seemed promising to me. I decided to set an alarm for 9:00 AM which was the launch time. And I decided to invest a little over $3,000 into it. My hope was if I get in early I can possibly 5-10x my money and get out. Purchased the coin and watched the buy and sell orders fly in. Then, a massive amount of buys and ZERO sells. I didn’t think much of it but I go and shower for work and I come out and it goes from .07 to .0001. They dumped everything, no one was able to sell. The developers cashed out and I lost everything. I honestly am at a point in my life where my job is making me so depressed so like a lot of people I’m looking for a get rich quick method, and meme coins seem to be what the hype is all about now. But because of my irrational decisions and not enough research I am now down $3,000. Which isn’t a lot to most people but this was pretty much all of my savings. I know that’s a stupid decision to make but it made sense to me and I’m just doing my part and warning people to always do research and be cautious and never invest money you can’t loose. I am loosing my mind over this honestly, I can’t focus at work I can’t eat, and I probably won’t sleep. But lessons aren’t free in life. And I hope this can help someone out there before they make the same mistake I did. Take care!

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