I dream of the day where I can watch one of my coins go from $0.1/$1 to double digits or more just to know what it feels like. Anyone else?


I came in earlier this year after the GME drama. As a relatively new investor, it feels like i’m already too late to watch that kind of growth with the current solid projects because they have already increased in price by a substantial amount. Market cap also plays a role, so not every coin will reach high numbers. I’m a long term investor so I won’t be selling anytime soon, but i’m still hoping for the day where I can watch the growth while also owning the coin, and not just watching from the side lines.

Besides BTC and ETH, I’m personally heavily invested into Harmony(ONE) as I find it very promising and I fully trust the team behind it. It would be a dream to see it in the double digits one day. Which coin are you hoping for besides the main stream ones?

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