I don’t understand staking or the risks involved. Really hope someone can please help me


Hi, I am very new to Crypto. I’ve been asking around and doing some research. I am thinking about staking, but I don’t really understand it, or the risk involved. Is there risk of losing my Crypto? It seems like there’s decent reward, but I just don’t understand the risk, or what I’m even doing. I kinda feel like I’m just putting money into a coin and hoping for a return. I guess that sounds really stupid. But if anyone could please help me by explaining staking and the risk involved I’d really appreciate it.

I think I may be too stupid for crypto. Hopefully that’ll work in my favor……

I hope this question is ok and I’m posting correctly.

Edit: Thank you to everyone for being so nice and for all your help and advice. I was really nervous about even asking. You’re all awesome people. Thank you so much!!!!

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