I don’t care to convince anyone anymore to buy crypto


This was something I did back when BTC was at ~8k. I wanted to give my friends and family an opportunity to hop on before the big push which is easy to call in hindsight but at the time was considered risky.

The level of skepticism in regards to crypto vs. fiat is absolutely mind blowing. If they were as critical of fiat as they are crypto, they would take that fiat and put it in crypto (or at least precious metals). The writing on the wall is glowing neon green.

shows a mountain of evidence, facts, resources about how the scourge of inflation will mess us up cause money printer go brrrrr too much

“Yeah but crypto is a scam”

They’re not wrong when it comes to shitcoins but shitcoins =/= crypto. Admittedly, it’s a hard concept to grasp looking in.

I can’t say it wasn’t for lack of trying or my inability to be persuasive. I just feel bad for those people who genuinely believe their 401ks will carry them over till the end.

At this point I resigned myself to the fact most people won’t care until their “authoritative” sources of information tell them exactly what I did in the near future. Damnit all, I tried. Chicken little isn’t the role I was born to play.

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