I don’t care paying crypto taxes: in my country there’s free healthcare and higher education for everyone. Not all the countries are like ‘Murica.


I’ve seen people from the slums entering college because they didn’t have to pay. Free technical books rentals at uni’s libraries, free housing for the poorest students that come from other cities (have to prove income to be eligible), free lunch and dinner (in some unis only, in others you have to pay from 50c to 2 USD, though) and some undergrad research scholarships.

We’ve got free cancer and AIDS treatments. Free ambulances. I’ve seen poor, old ladies that sell corn at Sunday’s vegetables fair that had a life-changing eye surgery that made them see again. If they had to pay for it, they’d go blind long before their death. FFS there are cochlear implants and organ transplants for free in some cases.

Paying 15%-25% over 10x+ crypto profits? Man, just take it.

I’m not saying there aren’t problems. You have to study to be accepted in the universities and if your parents had money in the first place, you could prepare yourself better going to the best private high-schools. The lines for some health procedures are long enough, but if your condition is chronic (AIDS, cancer) or life-threatening (e.g. a car accident), you’re assisted on the spot. Violence is still a big thing, mainly due to a huge wealth gap, and hopefully there are people fighting to give better conditions to as many people as possible. Not everything is perfect.

I’m also not saying that all tax money is rightfully used – I’m not such a fool. But I can’t imagine living in a country where I had to pay a hefty amount to call an ambulance. If I had to pay for my college degree in the old days, probably I wouldn’t have gotten any, as my parents were quite humble.

Being libertarian or communist or capitalist, we live in society, and people tend to forget a good society is one where the maximum amount of people has their basic needs met.

People also tend to forget that things they take for granted, such as the structures for calling the cops, sewage treatment, electricity on the bulbs, water in the taps etc. are generally paid with taxes. Don’t want to pay taxes? Fine, get your own private security, buy yourself a water reservoir and build your own power plant. Might as well declare independence.

Imho, not wanting to pay taxes doesn’t put you far away from people in the Pandora and Panama papers. Want to make sure taxes are rightly used? Participate and get engaged in social participation programs. Get involved. Be part of your community.

If you live in a country where there are such social security structures, don’t mind paying taxes. If all your neighbors are fed, probably you are fed, too.

TL;DR: I don’t mind paying taxes over 10x+ if people around me will be assisted one way or another.

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