I don’t care if Akita is a meme Algorand is awesome


Was scrolling through some posts and saw another one of the many looking for a meme coin and someone mentioned Akita Inu ASA on Algorand.

Went through the whole process of buying some algo on coinbase and then Making a ln algo wallet and putting it there.

Once there I was able to connect to tinyman and swap with Akita Inu ASA.

The whole process was so SMOOTH it was shocking. At some point I don’t even care about making money.

This was easy, fast , minimal gas fees , actually felt like the future and I’m just stupid impressed. I’m going to buy more algo to support the cause.

I don’t know if I hit the 500 character limit so I’m just going to talk about how I went to a farm today and a cat kept following me around. I used to have a cat but gave him up a while back. Still kinda miss him even though he was sooooo stubborn. Kept taking dumps randomly throughout the house even though he was trained. Was never really a fan of dogs even though my kid is. Just so much maintenance, felt cats were easier to handle until that guy. I mean an off target dump or two I can forgive. But this guy would once a week decide he’s not going to follow his training and more and then pick a living room and take a dump in 4 different corners. In the carpeted living room to. Now if he did it on hardwood I can deal but carpet comon guy that’s just to much. Anywho I’m really hoping I hit 500 characters as my child is now assaulting me again.

Go algo go

If this was wsb I would put up some rockets but I officially believe in the project now

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