I did it. I was able to regain my wallet


Hello you beautiful crypto investors.

For the last 2 days, ive been really down because well, my trust wallet became completely compromised.

Coins were being transferred out without me knowing or being sold on the exchange or being routed to another wallet.

I couldn’t remove 8 bad contracts via BSC revoke tool, or beefy. FYI, please run your wallet through those tools. It will save your wallet.

I couldn’t transfer out my funds because all transfers were stuck on pending and wouldn’t show up. By luck the wallet had changed network or something.

My solution was to find a wallet that had access to unrekt. I created a new wallet there and was able to capture the URL of unrekt. I than took out my SIM card and blacklisted everything on my router except for this very special URL. In this new wallet I imported the tokens I was going to need to transfer.

I imported my hacked wallet and with the fastest fingers you’ve ever seen, I was able to run the dApp and got all the shit contracts off my BSC. From there, I sent all the assets to the other, new safe wallet.

Yeah I lost a lot in taxes (about 10%) but here I am, relived and somewhat humbled. Ive learned my lesson to follow the contract and learned how to identify honey pots and rug pulls on the BSC.

TL:DR : With some luck and clever work arounds, I was able to recover 90% of my wallet assets.

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