I did it, I finally reached wife-changing money!!


A well-renowned goal of a lot of people in the crypto world is to attain wife-changing money, and today I finally reached that goal.

I’ve only been into crypto since late 2020, and since then I’ve been hooked. I would check the charts constantly, always reading whitepapers, and when ever I visited the in-laws all I would do is babble on about crypto.

Now my wife didn’t like any of this, but she was happy to deal with it because I would always reassure her that crypto was our ticket to financial freedom and that it was important for me to invest my time.

When the prices first started dipping after ATHs of Q4 2021 I was sure we had reached the bottom, so being the crypto guru that I am I remortgaged our home and went all in.

After a couple of more months, I have seen immediate success. I got home from work to find my wife and kids gone, as well as divorce papers on the kitchen counter.

Most people seem to think you only get wife-changing money by being in the green, turns out seas of red can bring it about too.

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