I did a rug pull by mistake and it shows how crazy the market is


I was looking into ways to better understand crypto so I thought it would be a cool idea to create my own token, deploy it to the main net and even get it listed on an exchange (DEX of course).

It was an easy decision for me to do this on the Binance Smart chain as I simply wanted to try it not having to pay the high fees when trying the same on the ethereum network.

After having the ideaI thought about how to do this and my goal and budget was set very quickly.

Budget: 30USD in BNB, had to move it from Binance to one of my wallets.

Steps: 1) Create a random coin on BSC smart chain using solidity and ethereum remix. 2) Deploy it to the bsc chain and do some trades between my wallets. 3) Check everything that happens on bscscan. 4) Get it up and running on Pancake Swap. 5) Buy a small amount with one of my wallets directly from Pancake Swap for test purposes. 6) Remove liquidity and delete the imported tokens from my wallets. 7) Be happy about having created my first crypto project in production.

While doing all that some people randomly bought my coin on pancake swap. I saw the trades and was confused first. I had to check my wallets, the contract and everything as I did not believe that a random person bought this random shitcoin. Anyways I decided to move forward with my steps and after around 30min I removed the liquidity and received around 1.50$ more in BNB than I put in.

So I guess that was my first and last rugpull – if you want to name it that way.

Why am I posting this?

Just a reminder that EVERYONE can create a token and get it listed within a couple of minutes. Don’t buy every new shit that is listed on all these DEXes!

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