I checked out the Motley Fools’ new crypto recommendations, so you don’t have to. I regret this.


To shill their new crypto service ( for the low, low, non-refundable price of $1500), MF released a video of the hawtest currencies that their boomer clientele absolutely must invest in to get those sweet internet bucks.

Here are the ones listed in their presentation:

Internet Computer (ICP) – ICP is… controversial. If you were an insider or employee, you likely got a sweet payday. If you were not, well this NY times article covers the controversy pretty well. Why would MF choose to press this particular coin?

Someone is holding a bag it seems.

Theta (THETA) – Theta’s use case of decentralized video streaming is a great idea. I don’t hold a bag, and I don’t know much about it. A broken clock and all that?

Solana (SOL) – The centralized ethereum killer that shut down for 17 hours from too much traffic. Maybe in the end it will live up to the hype. MF, as a bag holder (see above), certainly wants it to.

So in summary, spend $1500 to get hand-held about what all these dang bitcoins are on about


I dunno, just read this subreddit for free I guess.

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