I cashed out 60% of my portfolio and am now debt free!


I am a young man, recently engaged with a baby on the way. As most of you I had some debts to take care of which were a weight I was carrying around for as long as I can remember. To make matters worse all of those were from close friends and relatives.Now, I am proud to announce that I cashed out 60% of my portfolio and have paid all my debts!I feel much better now, relationships with people close to me are no longer in danger, wifey and I can now feel much safer with our little guy on the way and I still have 40% in the game!

I know some of you might say I did it wrong and I should have waited couple of months before doing this but I felt like I was right on the edge with friends and relatives and couple of months more could be too much to go back.Now that it’s over I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I can now breath freely!Crypto did it for me, made my life and the life of my family better. Hope it has more to give!

P.S. after cashing out I did some alt swapping and I am now 100% in DOT, which by the way just hit a new ATH on Kraken! Woo Hoo!

EDIT: I am sorry I have to repost this, for some reason it got deleted. I tried several times reaching out to a moderator to find out what’s wrong but couldn’t get an answer. After looking at it again I think I had the wrong flair. Hope I’ve done it right this time, if no, I would greatly appreciate it if I can be contacted to straighten things out. Thanks in advance!

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