I can’t take the Metaverse seriously. Most of it poorly designed crap with minimal thought put into it.


When trashy graphic VR land is more expensive than the real physical land, i do not get the point of mass adoption.

If big developers were in it (such as rockstar studios and Bethesda) then it would make sense as allot of though would be put into it, they have a good engine, graphics, activities and connectivity with players.

I tried Decentraland, it is boring, lacks activites and more importantly the prices of land and items are outrageously high (despite their poor design/utility). Not much though is put in by the developers.

Mass adoption is out of the question. The only use case i see are a bunch of crypto millionaires having a VR party in Decentraland (sounds hella dumb).

I would rather spend money on Fortnite costumes (which are at least brilliantly designed). I dont even like Fortnite.

I see the same case with NFTs. BAYC and Crypto Punks are og’s but the rest are plain copy of original idea. Rest of procedurally generated crap is undermining works of amazing desiners and artists.

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