I can’t believe people are selling legit projects to FOMO into shitcoins with no real value, I’ve lost all hope in Crypto.



So the crypto markets are pumping and people are doing what people always do, fomoing into worthless crypto projects while ignoring the best ones.

Why are people like this?

You have great Crypto currencies with great fundamentals and a solid development team behind them being sold and dropping in price because people want to free up some liquidity to purchase absolute garbage crypto.


one of the best new projects, launched a few weeks ago to save a failing blockchain called SOLANA. BONK single handedly boosted the price of SOL 25% and created more millionaires than you count in one hand, yet look at the chart! it’s been sold like crazy. This project has great fundamentals with a solid development team who only kept 50% of all tokens for themselves, why would people sell this?



Not everybody was lucky enough to get BONK, so a great and wise group of slightly hurt developers decided to create FRONK, for those who didn’t get BONK.

This project also has great fundamentals, running on one of the greatest Blockchains currently on the market and being one of the first Frog coins it’s sure to go far in 2023 but again people are selling, why?


and what are people buying with all the money they are getting from selling the two greatest crypto project to ever be created?


Look at this, people are fomoing into this old coin called bitcoin, made some guy who went into hiding after creating it and currently holds like 5% of the total coins. The creator is non responsive, doesn’t communicate and hasn’t written a single line of code for this crypto currency in over a decade yet people are fomoing in like it’s the greatest thing since slice bread.

when will these new people learn to stay away from these shitcoins.



another project that people are fomoing into is Ethereum, this one is even worse than Bitcoin. It has an unlimited supply, it’s logo is an empty wallet and it’s worth less than bitcoin which we already decided was a shitcoin. People should be running away from this coin but instead look at the green on the chart from idiot’s just fomoing in hard.

why are you buying this crap?


I know a lot of people are new to crypto and don’t know any better but you guys should really be buying some legit projects like BONK, FRONK and if you want to go for one that is a bit more legit SHIB. Stay away from those scam projects like bitcoin, ethereum, AVAX or ALGO, people only lose money on those projects with most of them being down like 75% in the last year.

not financial advice

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