I bought the lowest ranked cryptocurrency, Boge Coin. Currently ranked #6003. AMA.


Just for a laugh, I looked up the lowest-ranked coin in CoinMarketCap, and decided to buy $100 worth. Why not, right?

Difficult to buy on Pancakeswap due to liquidity, but I got there in the end after some tweaking.

I’m actually up $1.50 today.

Call me The Bogefather.

AMA, I guess?

Here’s some Boge info:

BOGE is a deflationary autostaking coin on Binance Smart Chain with a fixed supply that powers BSCgems.com voting app. No more BOGE can ever be minted. Every transaction 2% is burned and redistributed to token holders. The original DOGE uses mining which is electricity intensive, and has a large effect on our carbon footprint. BOGE being built on Binance Smart Chain is much more energy efficient.

Supply: 2,000,000

Initial Distribution In order for the autostaking functionality to proportionally redistribute specific percentages to specific wallets, the initial coin distribution needs to reflect those percentages. The initial distribution of BOGE tokens is as follows:

50% in burn wallet 50% split between all holders

Over time, the burn wallet will take more of a percentage of total holdings, and the coin will become more and more deflationary, sending the price higher.

EDIT: It’s now moved 177 places in rank since I posted this 😂

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