“I bought the dip” is the new I’m vegan / a DJ / I do crossfit


We all know the age old joke, how do you know that someone is vegan? – They will tell you about it. How do you know that someone bought the dip? They will make a reddit post about it.

Playing on the “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” saying, we can also ask ourselves “If you buy the dip, but don’t tell anyone about it, did you really buy the dip?”

If you really have to say that you bought the dip, whether for confirmation bias purposes or whatever, I may suggest a couple better options depending on your personality:

– those that want to become acolytes of the cult of the Blood God – I just drank some blood of the recently deflowered virgin investors

– those that want to sound economically knowledgeable – I have just helped to reverse the bearish pattern

– those with alcohol problems – I just took some Bloody Mary shots

– literary fucks – I have attained the life of glamour by pure serendipity.

– gym rats – I just did 40 dips, now it’s time for some pull ups.

– CS GO enthusiasts – Rush D suka blyat

I’m sure some of you will make some better suggestion.

Conclusion: If you have to say that you bought the dip, at least be creative

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