I bought my mom a hot tub


I don’t think I’ve ever posted in here or talk much about my gains even though I’ve been around since 2017 but I just can’t help it today.

I used some of my profits from the latest bump to by my dear old mother a hot tub. She’s always wanted one but my dad never let her have one, too expensive, increased hydro bill, maintenance and so on.

She was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and has a lot of aches and pains and we don’t have a bathtub for her to relax in. So with my dad feeling like his excuses are looking pretty weak in the face of the impending deteriation Parkinson’s will bring, he caved and said it was ok. I had the tub paid for and delivery set less than an hour later and I didn’t think twice because I knew I could afford it given the financial boost cryto has given to me.

My mom was so happy, we went out last night in the rain and shined the flashlight into the show room window so she could see in person which one she’s getting.

I’ve not told anybody or talked with anybody about my mom’s recent diagnosis but I just couldn’t help to share with you all as I’ve been following along here silently for years and this is the first real major purchase I’ve ever made with my crypto gains.

Enjoy it, share with others, it feels good and life is too short to only get pleasure out of watching the charts.

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