I bought ETH for 5$ in 2016, rode it up to 1,400$ and back to 85$ in 2018


Crypto is a roller-coaster. I was a passenger that had no clue what was gonna happen back in February 2016, when I first bought ETH. After my portfolio 100 x’ed for the first time in 2017 greed took over. Can it do it again? A cuple of weeks later, in early 2018 it did. Of course I was sure it was gonna do the same once again soon. Then came the bear and winter was coming. On the way down I sold a good portion of my bags and felt like the biggest loser ever. Taking profits far away from the peak really did hurt, although I was still above the 100x area. When ETH reached 85$ I felt good for having sold at least a part of my holdings way above that price and at the same time I was sure the rest would slowly but steadily die off to zero. But I hodled.

Now, with all that uncertainty on the short term horizon, I’ll do the same.

Edit: I was asked to prove it. Here’s my first ever Ethereum transaction, that I made a cuple of days after I bought my ETH bag: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xcd108fe7e03f1c57328f0e1c1258c17b5cab1b7b1ae5e3a1cc0c69caed83297e

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