I bought BTC at the top in March, today I’ve finally broken even


So yea, I got caught in the crypto craze early this year and, not knowing a single thing about cryptocurrency, put a sum of my money into BTC hoping to ride the wave to 100K+. So when BTC lost more than 50% of its value in June, you could say I learned a very important lesson about the dangers of FOMO.

I was pretty panicked when that happened, and was really close to taking the 50% loss and never touching cryptocurrency ever again. After all, the only thing I knew about BTC was that it was some sort of digital money. But I kept holding and decided to start doing research and learning about the industry. It was around this time when I also found r/CryptoCurrency. Admittedly, this sub seems like a massive echo chamber for crypto bulls, but I’d be lying if I said that the confirmation bias didn’t help with hodling my BTC.

Finally, after almost 6 months of being deep in the red with my initial investment, I’m happy to say I finally broke even. I know the ROI isn’t pretty at all, and having 0% gains in 6 months isn’t something to be necessarily proud of, but I’m glad I stuck to my initial purchase and came out of it being much more informed about the vast potential of cryptocurrencies.

Also shout out to this sub, a lot of good reads and memes alike. I usually just lurk on here, but I wanted to share my experience in crypto.

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