I bought $500 of meme coins / shit coins from Reddit

I bought $500 of meme coins / shit coins from Reddit


For my own personal entertainment only.

I deep-dived into the worst, most nightmarish crypto-subreddits,
such as r/CryptoMoonShots, where I was hit by numerous Ponzi schemes and rug pulls.

How many? – You may ask.

If you’re not familiar with the subreddit, almost every post is about a Ponzi scheme with a goofy, meme-ish name like miniBabyDoge, VespaShiba and extraSafeMoon. Each of those posts had many fake upvotes.

So I bought 5 meme coins for $100 each to find out whether these comedic coins are gonna survive the long run or not.
I didn’t do any further research, I only ruled out the obvious rug pulls and selected those 5 BSC tokens based on popularity in the past few days, weeks. These are SafeMoon, Useless Token, Thoreum, Ping and CleanOcean.

I have seen more zeros than ever in my life.

Wait, I’ve seen this before. – Yes, you did.
I’ve got the idea from u/Joe-M-4 who bought the TOP 10 cryptos in 2018 and posting the results ever since. He gave permission to post this.

What do you think? How much will my meme coins worth in the next week?

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