I blame all of you


Shib was my intro into the wonderful world of crypto I bought shib at its previous all time high back in May. I continued to DCA for months……

Then I started reading this sub, and all the meme coin hate, don’t get me wrong I completely agree with it all, I can’t understand how a joke coin can be worth however many billion it is up to now.

So I took the sentiment of the sub sold my shib at at a loss and started buying coins with real tech and use case behind it. Like ADA and Ergo my two biggest bags. I pretty sure in the long run I’ll be ok but if only I had held a little bit longer I would have almost 200k worth of shib.

Now watching everything tank while shib goes parabolic is kinda making me think I’m doomed to fail.

Anyway I’m gonna go cry now untill ADA moves

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