I bet my brother that $100 in Crypto would outperform his sports betting addiction by the end of 2021…


Back in April I tried to convince my brother that if he would simply put the money he gambles with into crypto (literally any crypto) he would be much better off by the end of the year.

He completely disagreed. So we made a bet that my $100 would outperform the entirety of his gambling (usually $5,000 a year ish…also why he’s always broke).

At this point he is in the red by $550. I put the $100 into Algo at $1.02. Sold it at $2.00 on September 15th. Let it sit for a few days and then just put it all in ETH at $3,000 to ride out the year.

TLDR: Bet my brother crypto does better than sports betting. He’s at -$550 and I’m at $316 as of this morning.

Edit: To clarify for those concerned about my enabling him. This is not in the least bit the first thing I’ve done to try to help him. This is just the most recent. Others include addiction recovery classes, “family meetings”, and a whole host of trying to get him to recognize his issues.

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