I believe USA will take an active interest in bitcoin price manipulation as countries across Latin America and the world adopt crypto.


With this post, I don’t want to spark the fires of patriotism in anyone. I think we are all pretty disillusioned with current banking systems and the negative sentiment of many governments towards crypto.

To those Americans out there, I think you and your country are really cool, but like our governments here in the UK, the US government gets involved in the affairs of other countries quite a lot… and not always for their betterment.

With all the years of USA meddling in the affairs of Latin American countries, and specifically their economies… It makes me wonder about the invisible hand of the US in Latin America today. Specifically, I’m thinking of El Salvador.

As we all know, El Salvador recently adopted bitcoin as legal tender. The same way the US has had an active role in the success or downfall of many economies of the world (with Nixon explicitly ordering the CIA to “make the economy scream” in 1970 when talking about Chile in order to “prevent Allende from coming to power or to unseat him”) it makes me wonder how the US will respond to a nation adopting bitcoin as legal tender whilst currently using their own US dollar since 2001. If El Salvador was to do well off this transition… well… It would possibly raise the question of whether other countries (including ultimately the USA) should follow.

It’s my feeling that the US is going to be involved in bitcoin price manipulation, if they aren’t already, as much as our friends China. I’m not sure what anyone else thinks of this, but it seems adoption in El Salvador really was a big step and I think enough of a step for American secret services to take interest.

I’ll take my tinfoil hat off now. Thanks for reading.

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