I am so dumb and so lucky at the same time…


So, about a month ago, BTC was at about $45k, i was browsing YouTube when i saw a really intriguing thing:

Charles Hoskinson was talking in a livestream and there was an offer to DOUBLE every Bitcoin you would send him. I hadnt invested in any Bitcoin until then, but that offer was so good… And on the linked page you could see the amounts of Bitcoin coming in and the doubled amount going out again live.

I panicked, because it said there are only a total of 5.000 BTC and those transfers where coming in quick.

I feared that if i would take too long the offer would be gone, so i looked for the fastest way to buy some Bitcoin. I didnt have an account anywhere and i dont own a Credit Card, so i figured the fastest way would be an Exchange where I can use PayPal.

It took like an hour to find an Exchange where you could use PayPal and to register. When i was finally able to buy BTC I was so happy.

But then the next problem: i couldnt send the BTC from there to this double adress, in fact i couldnt send it anywhere. I had to withdraw the Bitcoin to a wallet first.

So i made a wallet, it took another hour to figure all that out, write the phrase down etc. The panic to miss out on the doubling was continually rising…

When i had the wallet, i tried to send the BTC from the Exchange to that adress, but then the next and last hurdle:

Transfers were blocked for a couple days if you bought with PayPal….

That was it. I didnt have any money left to buy somewhere else, i was tired and shaking of anger. I went to bed that night, thinking i missed out on one of the biggest opportunities ever.

I was angry with myself the next day as well, but then i saw a post here in this sub warning about those exact type of scams.

I am so fucking lucky, not only was i saved by my own stupidity to buy and send BTC, if i hadnt seen this video in YouTube i probably still wouldnt own any BTC.

So thanks scammers i guess….

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