I am more bullish than ever about mainstream crypto and this is my story on why


I was on the subway on my way home and a woman about 40-50 years old came and sat next to me. She was not really hiding her phone screen so I could watch along. I was looking along and suddenly I saw emails from Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin etc. My first thought was, this can’t be true, someone in that age range is very unlikely (I’m not saying impossible). She was also Spanish so couldn’t read along but the senders of the email were clear, I still thought this was a spam email and not the official one, as still it’s crazy that she gets fake crypto emails. Later suddenly opened the app Binance and I saw that she had more than 0.5BTC in total value of her assets…. I think this is a good sign overall for crypto itself, and I hope there are more people in that age range because this is the first time I see someone investing in crypto from that age range. I am interested if someone reads this who is also in that age class?

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