I am back! My blockchain games experience after 5 months. How much can you earn?


It’s been a long time since I wrote a post here but I am BACK! There is a ton of information and experience to share so I am coming back with a few posts in mind coming soon. I have a bit more than 5 months of experience in blockchain gaming and I think it will be really useful for you if you want to get on it. During those 5 months, I managed to go from $0 (ok maybe I put in like $20-30 from surveys at some point but still not much) and build my way up to more than $25k (Not including assets with really volatile value or ones that have no certain price yet because there is still no marketplace to sell them on)

I know many of you don’t like long posts so I will break it down into sections so you don’t have to read it all.

What I have accomplished so far (apart from money):

I managed to introduce a lot of people to blockchain gaming and most of them are already earning a steady income from some games. I did spend a ton of time answering DMs and trying to be as useful as I can (will do the same again so feel free to DM me for more advice or info) and this made me a lot of connections and friends. The blockchain is a mess, so you need friends because you can’t keep track of everything. They can inform you about projects they have researched and think are worth it you can help each other so try to do that. Join discord servers, telegrams (But not scam ones!), etc. with such communities and you will be able to find games early which is one of the most important things.


Enough with the blabbering, I think most of you are here for the bread so let’s get on it.

If it will be easier for you I have monthly breakdowns posted and the prices vary a lot from now because of games crashing or reaching new highs (of course it’s normal in crypto)

Axie Infinity ($$$): Invested a total of $510 and got my ROI back in less than a month. I was earning $100 a day at its peak and managed to sell a ton of their coin (SLP) at a high price for some ETH. Recently they introduced a bunch of new updates because the price of SLP crashed and now I earn only $12 a day myself and a few more times that from scholars which is still decent. My total income there is approximately $4000+ and am holding assets worth $3000+ (Yeah it was a great earner so really looking forward to new updates)

Splinterlands ($): One of my proudest decisions still is investing that $10 earned from a free game (CryptoRoyale) to start Splinterlands. At first, I was earning just a few cents a day but once people saw potential in it the game became one of the top earners in the space. With $1,000+ earned from battles, $2,700 in cards value and daily airdrops and staking of SPS token which is $2,500, I have $6,200 earned in Splinterlands. I also am earning passively from another bot account (yes it is allowed for now), staking and daily airdrop based on assets value.

Plants vs Undead ($): Well this one is a bit different. I did earn a lot there but I don’t think it is worth investing in it now. The devs made some mistakes leading to the coin dropping by 97% and losing their big investors. The game was so profitable for a couple of months that I made $1,600 in total for 2 months with a $50 investment. Still earns me about $3 a day almost passively but it’s not what it was. Hopefully, they can revive it with Farm 3.0 and the new PVP mode. But invest at your own risk here!

CryptoRoyale (FREE): Well this project proves that diamond hands always payout. I held their token for a lot of time because I was getting APY and it went from earning less than 10 cents a day to owning a total of $520 now with $0 investment. You earn a bit less ROY rn from games but still a pretty fun game worth checking out.

BombCrypto ($$): Similar to Plants vs Undead it had a massive earning opportunity at first. I made $1100 in 4 days with a $55 investment but…. they stopped the withdraw function so no one was able to sell for weeks. When they finally opened it the $1100 were worth just $350 but still sold them and now I am earning almost passively $7 a day. It’s an idle game as of now but they will have PVE and PVP soon.

Which games to start now

You are probably wondering if it is worth joining blockchain games now or it is too late? Well, I can guarantee you that it is even too early. First of all, most of the games are not polished, rushed for release because the competition is weak and they are full of bugs. From the ones released as of now, I can say that it is only worth joining Splinterlands and Axie Infinity. The rest most probably won’t survive when we get THE games. Now is the absolute perfect time because the most promising games are soon to be released and trust me being early can be extremely profitable. Here are some examples of promising upcoming games

Thetan Arena (FREE): We are starting off with one that is playable now as a beta and will be released in less than a month. I am not going to be talking in detail about it but it is a mobile 4v4 game with great graphics and an experienced team. You can play and earn for free or buy premium heroes which can earn you more daily. I have a ton of their coin bought at $2 and it is almost $10 now (started at $0.06 on ICO)

Guild of Guardians ($$$): One of the most promising games you need to keep an eye on. The team is extremely serious about their game and there is huge demand of their assets. It will be heavily guild revolved so expect to play with your friends a lot. They are releasing their coin soon so it is a great time to read more about it.

Illuvium (FREE): Definitely the best-looking game I have seen in a while (I wish I could add pictures). It is guaranteed to be a massive hit because the team has worked on numerous AAA games. Their coin is pretty buffed as of now almost reaching the $1000 mark per coin. Just have a look!

Defina ($$$): Anime game in which you can earn. What do you need more? Its graphics are insanely well-drawn, its website and dev team are amazing and it attracted the attention of Binance. It is releasing really soon so keep an eye on it and join their discord for quizzes, NFT drops and other prizes which might be valuable in a couple of months.

Ember Sword (FREE): In this game, you will be on par while playing for free with the whales. They are strongly against pay to win so the NFTs will be mostly cosmetics. You will be earning their token too and the gameplay looks really dynamic.

League of Ancients (FREE): 5v5 Moba, League of legends style, massive potential. That’s all you need. The dev team presented themselves in a video and look serious about their project. You can earn with their new system as of now so get some LOA tokens before their ICO at $0.05 and when they get to $10+ you will have enough to invest wherever you want.

Star Atlas ($): Last but not least. The most realistic-looking one and the most thrilling trailer of them all. I am putting it as last because it is set to release at the end of 2022. Just watch their trailer and go get a ship for $20 before their price jumps like crazy 😊

I wish I could include describe the projects in more detail and add some tips on how I find those projects and many more and how I distinguish the long-term investment ones, the short pump and dump schemes and the not worth at all but the post is getting too long. Expect it soon tho. If you have questions or need more info about some of the projects ask away. For the ones that got till the end, I might drop some gifts!

Happy earning!

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