I accidentally rug pulled myself


…God I’m stupid.

So I had about 6 ONE (Harmony) and I wanted to do an experiment, where the plan was like this.

Create 5 coins from Token Jelly.

Put a dollar’s worth of harmony in one of them.

And bridge that Coin with the other Coin on the pool. Then another rinse and repeat.

That way I could have a coin with a market cap multiplying in every step!

Just when I was booking a Bloomberg interview with David Rubenstein, however, I found out something strange.

The Coin that i put my 5 Harmony in wasnt showing off. I checked every step and then i found out what was going on…

I accidentally De-Listed the coin from the swap, so my liquidity got vanished god knows where!

So, yea… Like I may be the first man in history to achieve such a thing. It’s a good thing… Right?

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