Husband FOMO’d into LRC and is now mad at me.


So as the title above says is pretty much it.

I’ve been watching LRC for a while it was on my list of coins to invest in for the last several months, in future. I started with a bit of BTC, ADA, ALGO and MATIC. I’m relatively new to crypto and have been learning a lot from this sub and other resources to research and learn. I also had a Dodge fiasco. I invested $9 in Jan 2020 when I had some change left over after investing 3K in Tesla on RH (yes I know better now than to use them) and thew the $9 change in doge and forgot about it, which is kinda what I do I don’t chart watch. But he on the other hand does. So lo and behold a year later he’s talking about doge and I checked and discovered my $9 was now worth 2K. Hubs did the math and was pretty upset I didn’t tell him to invest in them and that I didn’t invest the 3k from tesla in them instead. I didn’t know fuck all back then about crypto and I reiterated my choice would’ve still been the same unless I could ya know time travel lol. I still know shit all but have been learning.

Anyway we have daily discussions about crypto and I’d also like the add he is very much an Ape. I didn’t belive in it so stuck with crypto which he is now getting into. So this morning we talked about crypto and I had told him the increase and he fomo’d into it at the high and is now upset kinda at me. But I bought in at 0.5 and specifically had told him then and mentioned it previously in conversations as one on my watchlist for months. He’s now chart watching and in panic mode over what to do. I intend to hold long term.

TLDR; hubs fomo’d into LRC at the high, after I mentioned to him to buy into it way lower and is now mad and wants to sell 😑

UPDATE: He sold half, lesson learned I hope. I still hold ofc.


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