How would you react if you discovered that you profited directly from another user here? And that user was now ruined.


Suspend belief and probability for a moment, and imagine a scenario.

You have invested into a coin, lets call it WET coin, so people don’t think I’m shilling.

WET has been cruising along for a few weeks when suddenly a major announcement sends the price soaring. You thought there was a possibility of a good gain, say, 5X. But the price is moving past 30x right now, and still climbing. Momentum builds and more investors pile in. The subreddit sees thousands of new users – some of them new to crypto. As a veteran of the coin you even offer some opinions of your own.

Buy-ins and FOMO continue and now you are looking at a more than 500x on your investment.

But then, tragedy. The announcement was fake. Nothing is happening, and there is no possibility that it will ever happen. The price drops. And it continues to drop.

Screams of HODL and Buy the Dip echo across multiple subs, but staring down the possibility of losing a major gain, you decide to sell. You sell it all and take pride in your massive gain – roughly 350x your initial investment. You have done nothing wrong, you did your DD on a project and timed the market reasonably well.

A few days pass and the price is still falling its now back to around the 10x from your original investment – a drop of 98% from its ATH. You feel justified and calm buy your decision making. You also still have some faith in the project, so you decide to put your original investment back in at the new price. The price appears to stabilise now and you seem to have done well, ready for a new pump in several years, if it ever happens.

Then one thing happens that completely floors you. A post from a user on reddit catches your eye. Its a new investor who has lost big on WET. Down 97% on his original investment. He appears to have legitimately lost most of his life savings, and his family doesn’t yet know about it. Users are hounding him about being so reckless. But something else startles you particularly. You recognise the name. It is a user that you have previously provided advice to – bad advice. More than that, the price he bought into WET at was exactly the same price you sold it for.

It strikes you that, that the exact amount of this users loss is the same amount as your profit. You have done nothing wrong, and even that user likely knows that.

WET has made you rich, but at the cost of another family’s wellbeing. So, what do you do? Do you reveal the connection? Do you reach out? Do you smile and laugh maniacally?

TLDR: You get rich of a coin, and then discover another redditor here has lost everything by the same amount. What do you do?

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