How to scam a scammer ?


Hello my **Reddittors** and **future millionaires**

Today I have interesting story to tell you, as many of you know that cc sub have official telegram group

Someone there cloned name of jw m and messaged me asking for help and if I can send some cash for whatever he need them to and he will return them back in couple of hours

I was planning to ignore it, I even message the real jw that someone is cloning him and he will ask for money soon which had happen

I think it’s better to let you with the conversation and enjoy it

image 01

image 02

image 03

image 04

image 05

Image 06

image 06

we are trying to get his ID so we can try to report him to Binance and police, because he scammed one of our friends in the chat, but that’s all for now

What do you think guys ? was it fun ?

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