How to get free crypto?


I’m a student in a shitty third world country. The pay here is around $100 a month, and on top of that as a student it’s impossible to find a job. Before my college started, I worked for about 2 months and got $250. I have decided to invest that into crypto.

Now I’m looking for a way to earn more money, so that I can invest more. I looked at some old posts and most of the comments said that the best and efficient way is by being active on this subreddit. I’ve heard that guys here earn hundreds of dollars a month just by posting and commenting on this subreddit. That would be better than getting a job for me. I want your advice guys. How do I do it?

And I’m pretty sure there are people who are in a similar situation as I am in. I want to hear from you guys about your experience with this.

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