How to get ETH in Reddit Vault without using FTX


There are currently two easy ways to ETH on Arbitrum Nova, buying it through FTX and using the Arbitrum Nova bridge. I did not want to KYC with another exchange so I went the Arbitrum Nova bridge. I am going to talk about MetaMask, but you can use most crypto wallets for this process.

You need ETH on Ethereum off of an exchange in a crypto wallet. This can be any wallet and does not need to be your Reddit Vault wallet. Set your MetaMask to Ethereum Network (this is the default network) Go to Toggle the receiving network from Arbitrum One to Arbitrum Nova (the orange option) Input the amount that you want to send to Arbutrum Nova, not including gas. You will see a gas estimate on the right hand side, ignore this. Your gas will be ~$1 Click “Move Funds to Arbitrum Nova” (make sure this is orange and not Arbitrum One) A MetaMask popup window will appear and show you the estimated gas fee, click “EDIT” Click “Advanced Options” Edit the bottom box that says “Max Fee” to 5-6. This changes how much you are willing to pay in gas and will likely make the bridging take between 10-90 minutes (I have done this three times with 5 GWEI and it took under 15 minutes each time). This will essentially make gas cost $1 Click the bottom “SAVE” Click “Confirm” on MetaMask The Arbitrum Bridge page will show you a timer saying 10 minutes, but since we are doing this for cheap and not fast it might go past the time, ignore it. It will fill in the transactions when they are completed Add the Arbitrum Nova network to your MetaMask, allows you to automatically add it or you can click “Ethereum Mainnet” and scroll down to “Add Network” and do it manually Now you can send your ETH that is Arbitrum Nova to your Reddit Vault address which you can see in the app under “Vault” In MetaMask click the “Send” button in the middle, input the amount and address you want to send it to. Edit the gas like above to a fraction of 1 GWEI, MetaMask says to use way more than you need with Arbitrum Nova. Send away and you can see the transaction on the blockchain explorer

If you want to use your Reddit Vault wallet outside of Reddit to send your MOONs to send to a non vault wallet, add liquidity on SushiSwap, or swap crypto with MOONs you can follow these steps to use your recovery phrase to access your wallet outside of Reddit. I am going to use MetaMask again, but you can use any wallet that accepts a 12 word seed phrase

You need a fresh install of MetaMask (it can be a different browser on the same computer) since MetaMask does not allow you to input a seed phrase on an existing wallet. Get this directly from MetaMask and not the app store. Find your seed phrase on the Reddit App under “Vault” Choose use seed phrase and input the 12 words. Do step 14 above to add the Arbitrum Nova network.

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