How to Create your very own Shit Coin and become a Millionaire overnight!


So I like many of you have found my self looking less and less at the charts and trying to occupy myself with other things like work and sleep, both of those things get old pretty fast so I asked myself “What If I made my own Shit Coin??”

The process is fairly easy and will cost you surprisingly little, the entire process cost me only 15 ALGOs and I could still withdraw most of that out of the wallet I created for this project. I decided to use Algorand for this due to it’s ease of use and low fees.

Step one: The Wallet

Create a Pera Wallet and transfer around 15 ALGO into it. (around $5.00 USD)

Pera wallet is available on Android and IOS, you can also use any other ALGO wallet you prefer.

Step Two: Creating the Algorand Standard Asset

Head on over to and connect said wallet.

click on the top right button labeled create asset, you will get the following box pop up. fill in the required information and confirm the transaction on you wallet. (this fee I believe is around 1 ALGO)

For this example I decided to create the shittiest shit coin I could think of so its called ButtCoinASA in honor of r/Buttcoin

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your very own ALGO ASA

Step Three: Providing Liquidity

So now you have this new asset in your wallet but its not really known to the world, what to do?

Visit Algorands best DEX called then follow the steps below.

connect wallet click on the tab labeled pool click create pair select Algo and (your new ASA), you’ll have to search for it and click on the box labeled “hide unverified assets” ​

now add as much ALGO and your ASA as you want (this will give it your initial value, if you add 1 ALGO and one ButtCoin then 1 ALGO = 1 Butt) Congrats, your ShitCoin now has some value wait about thirty minutes and then head on over to

and look, your ShitCoin is now listed and shows a value.

Step Four: Be A Millionaire

that’s it

Your done.

You are now a Millionaire *on paper

So I created ButtCoinASA and I hold all one billion of them so if you multiply 1,000,000,000 x $0.0019 + 1.9 million dollars!!!!!

sure I cant cash it out because it only has $3.00 worth of liquidity but it does look like green on that chart to me so I’ll take it.

So there you have it boys and girls, you are now the owner of your very own bonafied Shit Coin.

What can you do with it? well what ever you’d like to

share it with friends give it to strangers start some sort of reward system for your kids if your competent maybe even turn it into an actual project with some real uses and make some money the sky is the limit

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