How much to pay someone to do my wedding videography when they have zero filming experience, minimal editing experience, and no work to show case as they’ve never done work before?


Hi there I am getting married soon and was told by a photographer about someone wanting to get into videography. I messaged them and they said they are interested. I asked their thoughts on payment and the requested $800. My photographer said if they have zero experience just offer to tip and provide a meal. There is another videographer with experience and has done a lot of weddings who said he’d charge $1000. So $800 for no experience seems steep. Wondering what the recommendation for payment at this level would be( he doesn’t even have a website or page for content). I was just going to have a family friend who is I. Her 20s film and then I would edit bc I have basic editing skills. We were going to pay her $200 and dinner.

Also how do I comfortably reply to discuss what I am willing to pay as this feels awkward.

NOTE: my wedding is in less than a month. The videographer we had booked a year in advance fell through so I’m just scurrying trying to find someone who will be available on the day of and most well established professionals are fully booked):

Project is based in Michigan

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