How much time do you invest into Cryptocurrency while working a full time job?


I spend 40 hours a week at the fiat mines and I spend about 1 hour a day checking charts, doing research and trading (not much because I am a holder / monthly DCA-er).

At the moment I still feel like a noob, even though I’m throwing a lot of money into crypto every month. I don’t really have the spare time to get into in depth. Or at least I don’t want to give up on other hobbies.

I read snippets of white-papers and articles here and there and watch some videos like Coinbureau’s.

I think if I would step up my game I would do a lot better in this market even with the same amount of time I am investing now.

Sometimes I feel like i’m pissing my time away staring at charts while I could have read about the latest project. Or even do a small trade instead of pure hodling.

My question is, how do you use your limited time in the crypto-space? And how do I step up my game while working a full time job?

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