How much have you LOST in Crypto?


Losses are part of the culture in Crypto but I don’t see them mentioned here. It seems that we are all successful astronauts.

It’s the law of nature that there can’t be astronomical gains without astronomical losses so what gives?

Ok Apes, let’s be a little bit more transparent in the space and also educate the youngsters, newbies and boomers that it is not all sunshine and roses.

I will get the ball rolling.

I lost $5000 in total! yes down the sewer, never to be seen again by me. Majority of this was in NFT’s and Ethereum’s Gas Fees.

There was no avoiding it. At the time, a lot of big projects were releasing every day and I got caught up in the whirlwind, the only positive side is that I learnt from this (I hope) so it was a hurtful lesson but a lesson nonetheless.

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