How much further down the crypto rabbit hole can one go?


When I got into the space early this year it opened my eyes to a world of macroeconomic thinking, I deep dived. HARD. I started by watching all the MIT Gary Gensler lectures, all of the videos where Micheal Saylor proved he was a maximalist. I read books trying to understand the gold standard, the bitcoin standard, where Peter Schift is coming from. I reading the white paper again and again, understanding byzantine, and then others.

In the past year I’ve learned

To code hashes and blockchains in python, Staking and swapping Tax laws in both my countries, How to spot good/bad news article Tracked hash rates moving to North America Charted on chain metrics Watched interview after interview Read about the fourth turning demographic crisis era, of new digital internet money revolution Participated in macroeconomic lectures and seminars.

I get it. I think most of us here do.

Where does it stop? I feel like I’ve gotten the equivalent of a bachelors degree in DeFi market finance having been hyper obsessed the past many months. What’s next? Do I learn how to build my own cryptos? Learn Haskell? Do I start trading evolving NFTs ‘for the tech’? Set up nodes just for principles sake?

I’ve become desensitized to the volatility and have just decided not to sell until 2033. What do I do till then?

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