How is crypto any better for fighting wealth inequality when there are whales who currently own billions in BTC?


How is a crypto-based future economy going to be any different than our current fiat-based situation when BTC goes “to the moon”? We will, at that point, have the world’s first multi trillionaires… and there will still be massive wealth inequality, just different people holding the power.

I really want to imagine a currency that gives everyone on the planet a shot at personal wealth, but not any one person owning a huge fraction of it (which is exactly the issue right now.) Seems counter to what crypto’s ultimate goal is. I’m not talking about communism, just proper wealth distribution. I would say, me personally, any one person who owns more than 50BTC is in this weird area of, on a gut level, too much fucking money for a single person (if BTC is fully embraced.) I know people are gonna hate me for saying that. Fuckin downvote, idc. BUT, I ask you, should we have moral obligations to get as much wealth distributed to as many people as possible? Or is this a “the old King is dead, Long Live the King!” scenario, and we’re back in our modern horror show but now with internet money and tech-flavored oligarchs?

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