How exactly will Ethereum 2.0 affect gas fees?


Recently, I was reading an article discussing why Ethereum is the centre of the crypto economy. The author concluded that “…the solution to its rising gas challenge is on the horizon with the development of Ethereum 2.0 in full gear”.

And then it dawned on me. All this time, I have been “arguing” with other random citizens of the internet that ETH2.0 will address the Ethereum gas fee problem and every time, someone has chilled me down that this is not gonna happen.

I realised that I have never seen a constructive discussion of this topic by people who have the technical and economic knowledge of what ETH2.0 can and cannot do regarding gas fees.

We have all been saying what we think will happen with gas fees based on our basic idea of how scalability reduces network congestion and thus eliminate gas wars, blah blah blah… lower fees.

If you know, please tell us, I want to learn. How exactly will Ethereum 2.0 affect gas fees?

Will I be able to move my $50 ETH and various ERC20 tokens that are currently stuck in my wallets when Ethereum 2.0 fully arrives or not?

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