How even Reddit has changed their mind on Moons Recently, If this doesn’t get you Bullish I don’t know what will!


The real OG’s of moons know how Reddit has been cracking down on several X sites on moons and also how strict they are with the TOS and if you guys dont know what tos is, i gotcha –

This is from 2 months ago – This directly comes from reddit remember

T Moons is against the terms of service. To deter this activity, we have removed several subreddits dedicated to T Moons and will continue to monitor for similar subreddits.

this is the words from TOS

Community Points have no monetary value (i.e., are not a cash account or equivalent), cannot be S to other users, and cannot be X for cash or for any other goods and services outside of Reddit’s virtual goods or services.


Now onto the change —- you guys might have known about new community points launching for sub hiphop and while this topic was raised in the CC telegram group yesterday, a new revised version of community points pdf was uploaded and it had lot of bullish changes —

here comes the big deal — drumrolls please

Community Points are ERC-20 Ethereum tokens. Over time, as Community Points migrate out

of beta to the main Ethereum blockchain, you can use your Community Points anywhere your

community hangs out and anywhere they’re supported. They are built to be compatible with

major crypto wallets and usable on other apps and websites.

You can create custom tools for Community Points in novel ways because they are based on

the ERC-20 Ethereum standard. For example, you can accept Points as proof of Reddit

reputation on your site, create private spaces for Points holders, or accept Points in exchange

for goods and services.

I dont need to explain anything on this now you guys know it,

and i think its time to take away the restriction on posting about *X sites on the sub,

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