How do you guys keep track of crypto news?


The title says it pretty much all. Since there are so many things going on recently, I was wondering how do you get all of that info.

I’m a guy working 8hrs a day, and even though I do have some spare time at work to browse through internet, I just cant keep track of everything going on in major chains, not to mention looking for the new interesting projects. From what I see, Fantom had slight pump few days back regarding Andre Conje doing something with them again? Ok, Luna stuff was on every crypto related outlet so it was hard to miss, and I saw on the charts that it was plummeting, so its easy to figure out that something happened.

Are there any good news aggregstors or media outlets that is worth while keeping track on? I try to stay informed through Telegram/Discord/Twitter, but if I decide to take a smoke break without my phone, chats get filled up with tons of new reading material lol.

I know that this isnt the correct way of getting info, and I personally prefer to get in-depth info googling stuff but my time just doesnt allow it.

Are you guys full time investors whos job is to study the market or what?


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