How do you guys find the 100x coins before they run?


So how do you guys research small cap coins that are destined to have a bright future

I’m not talking about the memecoins or pumps, but actual legit projects like FTM, LRC, GALA, before they go mainstream

What are the best research methods, i’ve tried researching multiple small/micro caps, checking their roadmaps, researching the team, whitepapers if available, token distributions etc, but everytime i see the roadmap i just don’t believe in them

Granted not every great project will get the recognition they deserve, and 99% of small caps probably won’t make it unfortunately, but im thinking about the 1% that will.

Did anyone catch a top 100 coin before they ran? Like genuine projects like FTM for example, and how do you DYOR on projects?

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