How do you cope with crypto profits being higher than your salary at your job?


A little background: I’m still a student but i’m about to become an engineer next summer. This is my first year in crypto, even though i had been on the sidelines since 2017…yet i’ve made more profits this year than i would while working as a beginner engineer for about 8 years (salaries are pretty low in my country, but so are costs and expenses). This is pretty demoralising, i love what i’m studying but thinking that i would never make this kind of money is just sad. I know i’m not the only one in this situation, how do you just go on with your everyday lives and go to work like usual, without thinking all the time about your investments? For me it’s really distracting and being close to my final exams my performance is dying step by step. I also know that eventually bear market will kick in, but it seems so far away…this is my first post here, i hope i set the correct flair for this

Edit: Thank you everyone, i never imagined to read 100+ replies on this matter. Many of the answers gave me a new insight on things and i am grateful to all of you!

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