How do people actually find shitcoins before they do a x5000?


I’ve been lurking coinmarketcap checking some random shitcoins and they all share one thing: their price is flat in the chart and then it skyrockets. I saw a shitcoin token that did a x100.000 in less than 2 hours. My question is, how the fuck do people find these tokens before the pump starts?

I know that most of them dont have enough liquidity for taking profits but shit, if I put 100$ in a shitcoin and I can get 1000$ back even if it says that I have 35 trillion dollars I’m happy with it. I know there are a lot of pump and dump groups out there and that they are scams. I’ve been into crypto for a long time now and I have a very decent portfolio with solid projects such as BTC and ETH. But hodling is boring as fuck, I need to find a token I can put 20$ in and experience some emotions watching the price roller coaster because I’m dead inside and nothing brings me joy on these days.

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