How can we take crypto market seriously when a shitcoin like TRON is the top 15?


Sol is in the top 10, Tron is the top 15, SHIB is in the top 20 and to be honest at the current stage, 99% of coins in the market has no real utility or intrinsic value. What they can do is swapping a shitcoin for another shitcoin or staking to gain more shitcoins. How crypto market isn’t just a large online betting site when everything gain value from short time speculation and manipulation. When the price hasn’t really been correlated with the quality of the product. It’s just all the hype. Many crypto holders have not even transferred their coins out of an exchange ever.

TBH, the longer I’m in the crypto market the less I’m leaning toward crypto and the more I lost hope in the community. Aren’t this community consists of a bunch of greedy, naive, clueless people and a few scam artists who will get rich.

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