How Are You Actually Utilizing Crypto Today?


A recent post asked people what are the different ways people can use crypto and it gained a lot of traction. Honestly, it was a great thread and some people put in a lot of effort to be educational, but so much of it was theoretical.

A reoccurring discussion in this sub is mainstream adaptation of crypto so let’s share how we’re actually contributing to that goal.

For example (and I’m being vague to abide by the rules), I have a relative who lives in a different country than me and operates their own business. They can’t order through most major online retailers and when they can, shipping fees are outrageous. So he uses a fast, fee-less crypto to send to me in exchange for buying bulk product and shipping to him which 1) reduces their shipping costs and 2) saves him thousands each year on bank fees for international transfers.

Also, I try to be as charitable as I can and always check if the charity im donating to accepts crypto.

I realize these are both a small drop in an ocean and I’m not claiming to be a game changer. Just wanted to share and hear what others are doing as well.

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