Honestly, how do you even do it?


I’ll be straight up, I’m in this to get rich, to afford my own home for my family, I invested a bit in the bull market of Dec 2017, and just sort of HODL’d and forgot about it.

My gains have x2 but I only put in a tiny bit to begin with.

I see stories of people who had put in $500 in Shibu back in August and now worth $5million+ before the recent drop.

But how do you find out about these coins before they’ve already popped up on places like here, by then it being too late to make any significant gains anyway?

People say to DYOR- but where do you begin? There’s hundreds of ALTcoins, and there’s no time. I work 2 jobs. For us working folk, time is a commodity. Unfortunately I don’t have enough of this commodity to spend it.

Is it just pure luck?

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