Hold onto your pants, we’re in a bull run and an echo chamber


The market is making huge moves and the total market cap is hitting all time highs of ~2.6T as of late.

Everyone’s favorite things to do are become financially independent, abolish centralized banks, and speculate with their internet friends about how far along we are in the process – all while laying in bed wearing nothing but underwear. Truth be told, I might not be wearing underwear.

I’d like to give the fresh faces a heads up and remind the tried and true veterans that we consistently seek to confirm the bias of our own decisions, as a way to feel more confident about our investment choices.

The best way to do that is to hangout on Reddit on a daily basis where everyone is saying what you want to hear and constantly stroking your ego (mmm, updoots).

Some advice from a random guy on the internet:

This is a long term game and we’re only just getting started. It will not be a straight line up and hasn’t ever been. There is infinite heartache ahead of us while we strive to hit our targets and goals. Choose an investment style that won’t wreck your net worth or your psychological well-being. Be cognizant that we live in a digital age where it’s easier than ever to surround yourself with people that think just like you. For better or for worse. Think for yourself and choose your own destiny, a simple trick that makes the red more bearable and the green more exciting.

This, but on an infinite loop.

I guess I’ll put my pants on now.

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