[Hiring]Looking for a “D&D party” style digital piece with 4 characters and a small animal. Budget of ~$450+ USD


If I don’t get back to you, please don’t give up on me! I am going in on this project with another person, so we will be going through portfolios over the next few days. Thank you all for your submissions and we are so excited by the response we’re seeing!


Hello, I am looking for an artist for a “D&D Party” style picture. It will have 4 characters as well as one small animal. It will show the 4 characters around a chest, 3 of them in a combat pose while 1 of them is in a “crouching” pose shown in the reference album. I will be a bit picky as this is meant as a gift. Please feel free to ask me any questions, and I’m very flexible with budget and completion date. Further information and Reference sheet at the bottom.

I will be looking eventually for both a chibi and a more realistic version, so please don’t hesitate to show either. This will also be posted in several areas.

Art Project:
Runescape-based artwork
4 humanoid characters and 1 small pet

Crouched Stance
Green-ish cape with a pawmark and black floating particles
Rapiers with alternating opaque black and semi-transparent red
Small floating pig pet with armour and wings

White Partyhat
White and pastel pink cape with gemstones and gold floating particles
White and
Combat Stance (reference in gallery)
Light Blue khopesh weapons, different styles for right and left hand. (right hand is mainhand)

Farmers hat
Exposed midriff
Combat stance
Black darts in both hands

Blindfold with purple glow where the eyes are
Broken heart amulet with floating purple broken hearts
Purple Umbra robes top and bottom (See reference)
Purple and white cape with white floating particles
Purple and black jagged swords, longer sword in right hand (See Lengs in reference material)
Combat stance

Cavernous room with purple and red shadow-glowing spots on the ground
Chest has glowing cyan markings
Dark sky as if in a “shadow realm”

Reference Gallery

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